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GeneProf v2

We have released a new major version of GeneProf! Read on to find out what has changed... Read more..

Upcoming maintenance

Due to an upcoming maintenance operation, GeneProf will stop processing new analysis jobs on Friday, the 5th of December. This outage will last for about a week. Read more..

200 and counting!

With the release of another batch of ENCODE data the count of public experiments in the GeneProf database has now reached 200. Read more..

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GeneProf as a Resource:
GeneProf's databases host a wealth of ready-analysed RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and other high-throughput data.
Latest Public Experiments:
Here's a list of the latest additions to GeneProf's public data repository:

Ma2014 Data: Epigenetic and transcriptional aberrations in hum..

Open experiment details.

Galhardo2014 Data: Integrated analysis of transcript-level reg..

Open experiment details.

Sridharan2013 Data: Proteomic and genomic approaches reveal cr..

Open experiment details.

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Random Genome Snapshot:
Explore genomic data with the genome browser. There are lots of tracks to choose from -- check out the example below:
(from gpXP_000525)