Control_Activin treatment

Accession: gpDS_867_127_10_3 Permalink:
Created in: gpXP_000127: Lee2011 Data: Graded Nodal/Activin Signaling Governs ES Cell Fate Decisions via Differential Recruitment of Phospho-Smad2 to Oct4 and Distinct Target Gene Subsets.
Number of records: 8,877,242
Number of Aligned Reads: 9,364,427
Chromosomal Reference used: gpDS_pub_mm_ens58_ncbim37_chroms (from gpDS_pub_mm_ens58_ncbim37: Ensembl 58 Mouse Genes, NCBIM37 Assembly)
Date: 22-Mar-2011 11:57
Size: 538.7 MB

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